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Bodyshots Extra Spicy proves there is no fun better than naughty fun.  

Exhilarating pictures, exciting dares and epic challenges are at the heart of all Bodyshots games, but this more intimate version is packed with a little extra heat to spice up your love life. Our best game for couples


Great for those looking for new ways to enjoy foreplay or surprise their partner with something different. It’s the perfect addition to any romantic occasion or intimate night in, so don’t miss out!

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can you guess the body part?

Click here to reveal the answer.

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Extra spicy is to date nights,

what the Grand Canyon is to great sights

But this box is the opposite of vast and empty,

full of fun with an extra helping of sexy.

Pulsating pictures to get your blood pumping

& saucy challenges to get your heart jumping

Play intimate dares to reveal a naughty kink,

sweet treats that will have you on the brink.

A unique experience with every turn you play,

discover your partner in an entirely new way

Indulge in this box full of sensual delight,

for a guaranteed racy a fun filled night


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Tuck Box

64mm x 102mm x 35mm

Card specifications

62mm x 100mm

plastic coated 300gsm card

2 x instructional cards


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Body Cards

(56 cards)

With this deck of Body cards, you will need a fan on standby, because things will get very hot. We’ve specially curated this deck to provide an air of sensuality while keeping you guessing…

Nothing is off limits so you really could be looking at anything.


sweet treats

(21 cards)

Sweet cards reward correct answers with a spicy treat from your partner. Whether you’re being stroked as light as a feather or tapping a tune on your partners bum, these treats are a great blend of intimate fun that add a little naughtiness to every turn.


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saucy dares

(21 cards)

21 saucy dares that up the stakes. A blend of Racy and silly challenges that test how well you know your partner's deepest desires, along with challenges that will test your sensory limits. Each dare HAS been carefully designed to encourage the sharing of physical intimacy and emotion with your partner in fun creative ways.


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Super Deluxe Bundle 

COMBINE The best of all gameS for the ULTIMATE Bodyshots experience! 

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Spicy Bundle 

The perfect bundle for couples looking TO SPICE UP THEIR EVENING WITH A BIT OF NAUGHTY FUN.

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