Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to drink alcohol to play?

Alcohol is just one small element of the game, play without it and its fun all the same. That’s why we say, Play your way!

How long does it take to ship?

We offer both 3-5 days standard and also express, if you’re in a rush order one today and express will have it with you the next.

How many players can the game be played with?

Naturally if you're playing as a couple then its two, but if you’re playing group mode or Trivia then up to 8, but really it’s up to you. Click here to use your phone as an extra streak card

Where can I buy Bodyshots?

Right here on our website, we ship worldwide! You can also find us on Amazon, but shipping is cheaper from here, so up to you to decide. Click here to go to the shop

How do I play Bodyshots?

Not sure what Bodyshots is and yourself in disarray? Click here to find out all the rules on the ‘Games’ page which shows you How to Play.

Can I buy any of the games in any stores?

We love having the ability to communicate directly with our customers sharing our full story and we don’t want that to stop, so right now we keep everything in house online so you will not find us in any shop.

Can I still have awesome date nights and evenings of competitive family fun if I don’t live in the UK?

We ship worldwide, so you can get your hands on Bodyshots wherever you reside.

What if I want to play Trivia with more than 4 players, I only have 4 streak cards?

Bodyshots Trivia comes with 4 streak cards inside, click here to download to your phone and more players can play along for the ride.

Can I sell bodyshots in my store?

We are very selective with who we partner with, but please get in touch and we'll see if its possible to come to an agreement.

Do the games come with the cool shot glasses?

Our alcohol infused games, Original and Extra Spicy come with one, the Deluxe and Spicy bundles come with 2, because its twice the fun.

Do I need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to play?

Original is great with your partner but also group mode with friends is lots of laughter. Trivia is great fun for couples, friends and families, test your wits as your scoreboard tallies. We’d say extra spicy is best played with your special guy or gal, unless you have a group of extra friendly pals 😉

Is the game suitable to play with my family?

Trivia is tailor made for wholesome family fun. Everyone can get involved, mum grandad, daughter and son.

What’s the difference between Original and Extra Spicy?

The clue is in the title but for those that missed it, when compared to the original extra spicy is rather explicit.

When is the best time to play the Trivia version?

Whether playing with friends or family its all the same, its the perfect social, rainy day or even Christmas family game!

I want to help you make Bodyshots better.

We’d love to hear from you, send your emails through.

My game arrived faulty or it's not what I expected, what can I do?

We’re sorry to hear it didn’t arrive as reported. Drop us an email and we’ll see if we can’t get things sorted.

What's up with the rhyming?

Get with the times, everything’s more fun when it rhymes.

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