This mode is for all couples looking for an evening of fun. The perfect mix of sexy and competitive that will make you want to play again for round 2.

  • The winner is the first person to collect 7 body cards, but you must win by at least 2 clear cards.

  • Their prize is a kiss on a body part of their choice!


This mode turns up the heat. Just as much fun as couples mode, this has the additional feature of losing an item of clothing for every wrong answer.

  • The first person to remove all of their opponent's clothes wins!

  •  Their prize is that they get to enjoy any part of the loser's body for 30 seconds!

Bodyshots isn’t just for couples! Group mode brings a box full on banter if you play with friends. Perfect if your getting ready to go out or just want to see your friends in hilarious situations.

In this more social mode, everyone starts off with 1 sweet card and 1 saucy card which represents their 2 lives. Each turn, all players must guess what part of the body is captured in the photo before the answer is revealed.

Once everyone has made their final decision, check the back of the card to see who was right. If you were right well done! If not, you must discard one of your cards, but don't loose hope!


You can hold on to your life by completing the task on any of your remaining cards or by taking a shot. If you get 3 correct answers in a row, you can steal a random card from any player, but when a player runs out of cards, they are out of the game.

  • The winner is the last person standing!

  • Their prize is the immense pride and bragging rights that come with victory over ones friends!

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