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Are you tired of another night in watching tv AND looking for SOMEthing to TRY?

Enjoy a spontaneous night of cheeky fun without breaking the bank


compete AGAINST YOUR PARTNER TO Guess the body cards then enjoy a sweet treat or saucy dare.  


From fun challenges you've probably never tried before to whacky challenges that will keep you laughing all night long, discover a dynamic of your relationship you never even knew existed! 

The card game for couples WITH the perfect blend of fun and mischief!


Bodyshots is to relationships, 

what suitcases are to vacation trips 

Both boxes carefully packed full to the brim 

to ensure the perfect blend of fun and sin.


Is it a bum, or pair of breasts?

Time to put your skills to the test. 

When a rib can look so much like a hip

 can you guess the body part disguised in the pic. 

If so, choose to indulge in a sweet treat

 or revel in the dares you make others complete.  

Or drink a shot from the body of your partner 

elbow knee or bum its guaranteed laughter


Either way prepare yourself for a hilarious night,

with the game that adds naughty fun to your life.


can you guess the body part?

Click here to reveal the answer.

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Tuck Box

64mm x 102mm x 35mm

Card specifications

62mm x 100mm

plastic coated 300gsm card

2 x instructional cards


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Body Cards

(56 cards)

with this deck of body cards you will need a sharp eye to spot the answer. by taking photos of body parts which look similar, elbows and knees for example, our specially designed deck will keep you guessing no matter how many time you play.


sweet treats

(21 cards)

sweet cards reward correct answers with a treat from you partner. 21 fun moments of intimacy provide an extra spark to each turn. rewards range from an innocent kiss to receiving risquÉ massages. we rigorously tested the sweet treats to ensure people find them exciting and easy to perform.



saucy dares

(21 cards)

turn up the heat with 21 saucy dares. from putting an ice cube down your underwear to discovering things with your partner you've never tried before, this card game is all thrills. again each dare was thoroughly tested to ensure that there are a fun mix of mild to exotic dare throughout the deck. 


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Fun for All Bundle 

Play at any occasion with your friends, family or partner  

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Spicy Bundle 

The perfect card games for couples looking TO SPICE UP THEIR EVENING WITH A BIT OF NAUGHTY FUN.

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Super Deluxe Bundle 

COMBINE The best of all gameS for the ULTIMATE Bodyshots experience! 

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spread the love!

We donate a percentage of every Bodyshots sale to the amazing work done by the Relate Charity.

Why? Because we believe that healthy relationships help build strong communities as do the team at Relate, who do truly incredible work supporting over 2 million people with their relationships per year. What better way to make the world a better place than by spreading the love. To discover more of the amazing work they do please check out the link Here.