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10 Romantic date night ideas for lockdown [That won’t break the bank]

Ladies and gents, the second lockdown is upon us, but have no fear, date nights are still here... And oh boy, we’ve got the ultimate 10 romantic date night ideas to shake this lockdown into a party (without breaking the bank).

Take the time, to take the time with your partner, reminding them they're special changing the usual habits. In other words, let us help you to “ spice things up”, that’s the real magic ingredient to keeping relationships feel funky fresh and new.

Are you searching for a way to swap a normal-stay-in-routine Wednesday night into fun and games? Want to do something cute and romantic for your special half, without breaking the bank? Keep scrolling to discover 10 romantic date night ideas that won't burst your budget.

1. Turn your dining room into a themed restaurant:

Always wanted to travel to Paris? Rome? Or maybe even Bali?

Now is your chance! It’s as simple as choosing the right music and cooking a meal inspired by the vacation destination of your choice. Remember to dress accordingly ( Are you on a beach, in a big city, skiing?) Add some candles and have the TV or computer screen play photos of the location.

2. Master Chef at home.

Make your very own cook-off competition at home.

Who is the master chef in this household?

Challenge each other to cook off with 3 ingredients!

For the adventurous, take an online cooking class!

3. Quiz night

Have fun with this one and be competitive. Are you and your partner Harry Potter fans? The Office fans? Marvel fans? Now is the opportunity to compete in your favourite fandom. Prepare questions for one another, or google them and challenge each other to a quiz night with a big prize at the end! OR, make your own set of questions with nothing off-limit to ask your partner juicy questions.

4. Spa Night at home.

Relax, light some candles, put on some music, and make your own spa at home. Make your own skin and hair natural remedies with ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboards and treat yourself and your partner to a spa day that doesn’t break the bank after a heavy work day.

5. Indoor Campout.

Remember how fun it was to make a blanket fortress across the living room when you were a kid? Why not relive those feelings by making a huge indoor fortress with your partner, make some s’mores and tell each other childhood stories.

6. Arts and Crafts for the win!

Time to get your hands dirty! Lockdown is a great time to put into action all those little skills you’ve been wanting to try and procrastinating on. Start some art, sculpt some candles, make some jewellery, or even fix some broken glasses with kintsugi!

7. Hold your own beer/ wine tasting night with a charcuterie board.

Fancy yourself a wine connoisseur? Or are you a hipster beer lover?

Put your skills to the test and impress your lover with your skills in a fun wine taste-off!

8. Karaoke or lip sync battle lounge edition

Battle it out in a singing contest, put on your favourite cheesy tunes, and sing along like if you were at your favourite concert. For the braver souls out there, get

inspired by 'Lip Sync Battle' and challenge each other to a creative night in! Turn down the lights, put the speakers on loud, and get some tequila shots ready!

9. Take personality traits test.

Are you a Meyer Briggs fan? If not, it’s time to become one! Find out your best traits, compatible characteristics, and weak spots by taking personality tests together and learn more about one another. It’s fun, surprising, and also entertaining without spending a penny! Who knows, you might just discover a dynamic of your relationship you never even knew existed.

And leaving the best for last, the best tip for a romantic date night:

10. Games night.

Break the routine by adding some fun games for couples into the evening of your next date night. Laughter is the best gift, why not spice it up with some saucy dares and treats?

We’ve got just the pack for you, Bodyshots trio of card games is all you need for an unforgettable night, that starts and ends with a treat!

Mix yourself your favourite cocktail, turn on some beats, and let Bodyshots do the rest! We guarantee laughs and good fun with every card in the pack. Interested in trivia? we’ve got this pack for you! Want to add some spice try the Original bundle, and for all you cool cats out there that want to make it an extra romantic date night, extra spicy is everything you need.

It’s not another card game, it’s the ultimate guarantee of fun, laughter, and saucy treats and dares.

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