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Drinking Games for Couples | 11 Unique Fun Ideas to Enjoy a Memorable Date Night

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Looking for new fun new drinking games you can enjoy with your partner? Just because you are in a relationship, that doesn’t mean you can’t roll back the years and have a party of your own indoors with a mix of classic and new fun drinking games which are perfect for couples. It’s all the fun of a good pre drinks, laughs and potentially doing stupid dares, except when you play with your partner, you are guaranteed to get lucky at the end of the night.

Our list spans from competitive fun to raunchy entertainment, this list will have plenty of options to help your plan your next few date nights. If you are planning to play a few of these games on the same night, might be a good idea to take lighter shots, here’s a list of Prosseco cocktails to make sure you last the entire evening.


1. Battle shots

Image of battleships paper board

Reinvent a classic with battleships, all you need is a pen and paper. Draw a grid, 8x8 label the column A-H and rows 1-8. Mark 7 ships using by drawing X’s in the grid. 1 ship 5 X’s long, 1 ship with 4 X’s, two ships with 2X’s and finally two ships with 1 X just like the picture. Each turn, state to a square on the grid, E5 for example, and if you hit one of your partners ships, take a drink.

2. Two truths and a lie

How well do you think you know your partner? This game tests your storytelling skills. You must tell three stories, two of them being truthful and one a lie. Your partner must then determine which of the stories is a lie. If they guess right, you must take a shot!

3. Bodyshots

Couples enjoying card games

Bodyshots is the first card game for couples that mixes, body parts, shots, dares, treats, bonus challenges and fun into one experience! Here's how it works...

  1. Each turn, you must guess which part of the body is on the card. Once you have made your guess, you must turn the card over and see if you're correct.

  2. If you are correct, you may keep the card and enjoy a sweet treat or laugh at the dare you make your partner complete.

  3. · If you are wrong, you must return the card to the bottom of the deck and endure a saucy dare or take a shot off that body part!.

  4. · If you are wrong, you must return the card to the bottom of the deck and endure a saucy dare or take a shot off that body part.

Challenge card from Bodyshots Card Game

If you’re after a naughty night in, then Bodyshots Extra Spicy will have you covered. Same rules as the original Bodyshots above, but saucier treats, saucier dares, and

saucier pictures. All the fun with extra naughtiness !

4. Video games

If you like to play video games, then play together with drinking rules. It could be FIFA, drink when you give away a foul or s

core, NBA 2k drink every time you score a 3 pointer, or Call of Duty drink every time you day. Whatever you game of choice is, play together and weave in fun drinking rules.

5. Never Have I Ever

No reason this classic party game can’t be played in a couple. If your looking to get the drinks down quickly then this one is perfect. Say something you have or haven’t done (we think its more fun when it pertains to bedroom acts), then if either of you have done it, drink!

6. Sexy Countdown

All you need for this one is All 4. We’ve all seen the classic channel 4 tv show, now its time to play along with drinking rules. Simply turn on any random episode from All4 and play along pausing the show at the end of each round to reveal your own scores. If wordplay isn’t your forte, not to worry as our bonus sexy rules level the playing field. Any naughty or inappropriate words you come up with count as double. The loser of each round must take a shot. The loser of the entire game has to do a forfeit of the winner’s choice.

7. Shots checkers

Shot Checkers played with shot glasses

Swap out the pieces of a classic board game, and replace them with alcohol and you've got yourself a date night. Just like normal checkers but use shot glasses instead of the wooden pieces. Every time a piece gets taken, take the shot. If you don't have the board, you can draw the grid on a piece of paper. Don't have shot glasses, not too late to nip out and get disposables from a convenience store.

8. Guess the song

This game is a twist on the classic play the first 30 seconds of the song and guess. In this game it’s all down to you, don’t worry there’s no singing involved! Choose a song your partner should know and say the first 6 lines of the song in the most monotone voice you can do to throw them off the scent. If you partner guesses wrong then they take a shot, if they guess wrong, the shots all yours. You’ll be surprised with some of the songs you don’t know the first 6 lines for!

9. Dare Wine pong

Imagine beer pong but more sophisticated. Use your dining table to set up your cups and fill each cup with a couple of shots of wine. Every time you land a shot, drink the contents. If you want to turn things up a notch, play a round of truth or dare with each successful shot. Here’s a great list tailor made for you to use here.

Beer pong played with wine pong

10. Set a Quiz (music round, TV round, relationship round)

What could possibly be better than getting one over on your beloved. Here’s how it works, each of you provide 3 speciality topics of your choice. Maybe your favourite TV show, music genre or even about your own relationship Then you each have 30 minutes to come up with 10 questions for each of your partners topic. For every three questions they get right in a row, you must take a shot. It’s a great way to enjoy alcohol enhanced fun, but also a great way for you learn more about your partners interests. This game is a great chance to get creative, we’ve provided suggestions about what rounds you might like to include, but the more personal they are to the interests within your relationship, the more enjoyable you will find it.

11. Naughty Scrabble

Scrabble board with naughty words

Its Scrabble but not how you remember it! Here’s the twist, when you play a word, for every 10 points it scores, your partner has to take a shot. If it scores 11 points, then 1 shot and if it scored 25 points, your partner would take 2 shots. Bonus rule: naughty words count as double points!

Play with the board game if you have it or you can download the free Hasbro app

and play on your phones. Loser of the entire

game has to do a forfeit of the winner’s choice,

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