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11 Fun Things To Do on Christmas Day at Home in 2020

Tier 4 in London and the South East has just been announced for Christmas! Not ideal for anyone and wherever you are, it’s probably not the holiday season you had in mind at the start of the year. To help you out with your last minute adjustments to Christmas plans, we’ve put together a list of fun activities the whole family can enjoy at home this Christmas. Christmas is a time to appreciate all the things we do have and spend quality time with our families (at least the family we are allowed to see) so we’ve tried to pack in this list, all the laugher and fun we could to make this Christmas memorable.

1. Family cooking

One thing we can still enjoy in all its glory, is the sanctity of a Christmas dinner. Now you might find yourself cooking for less people, makes it easier for the whole family to get involved for a full spread. From the turkey to the cranberry sauce, there’s a dish for everyone to take on, no matter your culinary skills. A great way to spend time together as a family on Christmas day.

2. Karaoke

Get the music going with some karaoke. It doesn’t have to be just Christmas songs, go through the decades to make sure everyone in the family has their time to shine. Or take it one step further, put on an instrumental and make up your own Christmas medley.

3. Bodyshots Trivia

Bodyshots Trivia is the brand new card game about guessing body parts and answering quick fire questions. This edition is all about family fun, parents and kids love it! Try the card below, see if you can name it in 8 seconds.

4. Christmas Hike

Get the scarf and gloves out and go for a Christmas hike! Choose somewhere nice and green and go for a walk with the family. It’s a great opportunity to do something different and spend quality time without the distraction of the tv and phones. If you’re fortunate enough to have somewhere scenic nearby then even better, why not start this year and make it a new tradition.

5. Make up your own Christmas cocktails

This one is for the adults. Get creative and make your own Christmas cocktails. Use signature ingredients like mulled wine, baileys, eggnog and cinnamon to make your own fantastical combinations. The kids can still get involved making their own whack alcohol free mocktail concoctions

Source: Absolutely. London

6. Christmas quiz

If there’s one thing we’ve all gotten better at during lockdown, its quizzes. Now its time to put everything you’ve learned to the test with a family Christmas quiz. Each person should design their own round with 10 questions on a topic, see who end up on top of the tree.

7. Set up a treasure hunt for the kids

This one is actually borrowed from Easter, but no reason it doesn’t work at Christmas. Instead of opening all of the presents under the tree, mix things up and hind presents around the house. Write clues & riddles and bring the Christmas spirit to life watching them search around the house on Christmas morning. Here’s some inspo from Families United Network below.

8. Pictionary

Who doesn’t love the classic game of Pictionary? Write your own with a Christmas theme or take a list from the internet to make your own cards. We love this free online version of the game skribbl.io where you get points if people guess your drawing and if you guess other people’s drawings. Another great option for the whole family to get involved.

9. Grab that Item!

With this game, one person reads a riddle describing a household item, everyone has to figure it out and race to grab it. The first one back with the item wins the round. Each member of the family writes a riddle for 3 different household items and see who wins.

10. Watch Old Home Videos

Christmas is a time for reflection, so what better time to put on the old tapes and reminisce over old memories. Even though 2020 has felt like it truly has lasted forever, its still incredible how time flies, and its so important to appreciate and remember how far everyone has come.

11. Do a Puzzle

Looking for something everyone can work together on over Christmas day. Now’s the time to order your Christmas puzzle, find a range here. This one is great because you can do this in between some of the other ideas to make sure there isn’t a dull moment on your Christmas day!

It’s not the Christmas anyone had in mind, but that’s no reason it can not still be a great Christmas. After a long hard year, we all deserve a bit of a break over the holidays, and hopefully this list makes your holiday season even more special.

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