BodyShots Spicy Bundle

BodyShots Spicy Bundle


This pack will give you the best of both worlds!


  • Surprise your partner with our game that mixes, body parts, shots, dares, treats, bonus challenges and fun into one experience!

  • Unlike most adult games, this can be enjoyed by anyone - no matter your sexual preference

  • Easily portable size is ideal for slipping into a bag adding an extra little thrill and excitement to your holidays!

  • This version comes with two of our special Bodyshot branded shot containers!

  • The perfect gift to spend some intimate time with your partner!


    The naughty game for couples to share.

    2 x Bodyshot containers

    Pack contains 200 cards 

    Body card deck (108 cards)

    Sweet and Saucy deck (88 cards)

    Instructional card (4 card)


    Uk shipping 4-7 working days

    International shipping available

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