With mind boggling pictures combined high stakes and quick fire questions, Bodyshots Trivia is the brand new game for families and freinds that will have everyone on the edge of their seat.

Forged by the mighty instruments found in the depths of our small basement, this game was created to test every bit of your mental fortitude as you try to answer simple questions under pressure. From brain teasing bodyparts to funny questions and even funnier challenges, Bodyshots Trivia is the perfect excuse to have a great time with groups of friends or fun for the whole family.

Bodyshots Trivia is to game nights 

what Shakespeare is to Playwrights 

Both true pioneers of a generation,

drama, comedy, tragedy & always elation.

Decide if its an elbow or a knee,

or name the most body parts starting with ‘t’

go head to head if you’ve got what it takes

Try and bluff but no room for mistakes.

Iy it's more than bragging rights & fun,

get it wrong & it's right back to square one

Challenge the family to win the crown,

or battle the next time your friends are down.

Bodyshots Trivia is fun for all,

try it for yourself its simply a ball!


can you guess the correct answers?

Click here to reveal the answer.

Tuck Box

64mm x 102mm x 35mm

Card specifications

62mm x 100mm

plastic coated 300gsm card

1 instructional card

4 score keeping cards


Body Cards

(49 cards)

This deck of body cards is family friendly. Specifically designed so that each card gives you just enough to make a guess, but also enough to add that little bit of doubt. Double points up for grabs in this game so see if you can guess correct!


challenge cards

(13 cards)

It’s time to go head to head. Go against another player and see who thinks they can name the most items from the topic on the card. The player who claimed highest has 30 seconds to name as many as they claimed otherwise they lose points.


Name it cards

(33 cards)

With all Name It Cards, you have 8 seconds to answer the question. Each turn you can choose to answer one of these instead of a body card. Be careful, 8 seconds goes by quicker than you might think!




streak cards

(4 cards)

This card helps you to bank points and keep track of your streak. Consecutive correct answers allow you to move up the streak card which gives you the opportunity to bank cumulatively more points, but get a question or body card wrong and its right back to square One.


Super Deluxe Bundle 

COMBINE The best of all gameS for the ULTIMATE Bodyshots experience! 

Fun for All Bundle 

Play at any occasion with your friends, family or partner  

Trivia orig 1.webp
Squad pic sml.webp