BodyShots: Trivia

BodyShots: Trivia


Bodyshots Trivia is our newest edition dedicated to groups! We've kept the body parts, added new challenges, fun questions and bonus power ups to make it the perfect game to play with your friends or family in any setting.


  • Aim of the game is to bank as many points as you can. Navigate your way through tricky body cards or face the timer with the questions. It's a race to get the points!


  • Easily portable size is ideal for slipping into a bag adding an extra little thrill and excitement to your next party or gathering!


  • A versatile game to play after a family dinner or to up the stakes at a party with friends. 


    BodyShots Trivia  

    49 Body Cards

    33 Name It Cards

    13 Challenge cards

    4 streak cards

    1 instruction cards




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    International shipping available

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