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10 Easy To Make Boozy Prosseco Cocktails!

I think we could all do with a boost after the news of yet another lockdown (and for those of you reading from outside of the UK, you’re a lucky bunch!)

I have been in the kitchen, not cooking but mixing up some lovely prosecco cocktails to accompany your cosy nights in, those pre drink sessions for when we have freedom again and also to sip on whilst playing Bodyshots!

So grab your cocktail shaker and keep reading for some major cocktail inspo for your next boozy night!

Oh and if you happen to not have a cocktail shaker, grab an empty jar you can seal tight and it’s the perfect substitute (thank me later).

After these you'll be the designated mixologist but please remember to enjoy the cocktails responsibly!

1. Prosec-o-gria!

This twist on a classic Sangria is the perfect drink for any occasion and it’s a boozy bowl that will give you around 8 cups! (or 4 gin glasses full in our case). What I love about this drink is that you can use any bottle of wine you wish but for this twist grab the prosecco huns and hunks!

You’ll need:

A large glass bowl or pitcher jug

2 Apples, de-cored and diced

2 Kiwis, cubed

1 Orange, slice for garnishing, the rest sliced

A handful of raspberries and blueberries

2 limes thinly sliced

300 ml Cherry liqueur

Two bottles of prosecco

Start off by washing, slicing or cubing where relevant all your fruits and placing into your bowl/jug. Then place the cherry liquor into the bowl, I personally love my drinks boozy so I poured in enough to cover the fruits. If you are able to, let the fruits soak in the liqueur for around an hour and place in the fridge. After this place some ice in the bowl and top with the two bottles of prosecco (A personal fav of mine is Bella Cucina prosecco which is £4.99 from Tesco, absolute bargain!

Grab your cups and serve immediately!

2. An Erotic Martini

Our take on the classic Pornstar, but slightly.. or defo more boozy!

Get your hands on:

A couple shots of Absolut Vanilla

A couple shots of Passoã

Half a Lime

Half a scoop of fresh passionfruit

A splash of Dark Rum

A squeeze of Agave Syrup

Three/Four shots of tropical juice

A few cubes of ice

The other half of the passionfruit to garnish

A prosecco topper and prosecco shot

Place all ingredients and ice into a cocktail shaker or jar (except prosecco) and give it a good ol’ shake! Pour into a martini/champagne saucer glass and grab the other half of the unused passionfruit and serve!

If you want to be really fancy, grab some more rum and pour it directly into the passionfruit and set alight! (Please do this responsibly or watch a tutorial first) but it will really impress your partner or mates!

The rum gives this martini a real kick but in the right direction, you will probably not want the classic version again!

But if you prefer the classic version, keep it rum-less. Don’t forget the shot of prosecco to serve!

3. Pink Grapefruit Blush

Another flute worthy drink here and we are going pink!

Get ready to use:

1-2 shots of pink gin

A teaspoon of elderflower cordial

3 shots of pink grapefruit juice (preferably not concentrated)

A squeeze of lemon

A slice of grapefruit to garnish


Excluding prosecco, place all ingredients in a flute or brandy glass and stir well, top the glass up with prosecco and finish with a slice of grapefruit!

It’s a simple one but a great cocktail to begin the night with and get the party started!

4. The one with no name-co

If you have a tongue for the salty margarita, or espresso martini, this one should go down a treat. A bitter sweet cocktail which can be enjoyed both long and short.

Grab a hold of:

2 shots of tequila

2 tablespoons of Campari

125 ml of orange juice

A squeeze of agave nectar

A squeeze of lemon



You know what to do by now, grab your shaker-jar and shake it all (minus prosecco). Pour over ice and top up with prosecco until the glass is full. If you want to enjoy this short, have just the one shot of tequila and 1 tablespoon of Campari and go light on the OJ. Use a lemon or orange slice to garnish and enjoy!

5. Elderflower Mint Fizz Spritz

Gin glasses at the ready! (A large wine glass will also do). One of my go to faves and I am sure I will be one of yours too!

Grab yourself:

A couple sprigs of mint

2 shots of Vodka

Tablespoon of elderflower cordial

Two tablespoons of lemon juice (or a good squeeze)



Tonic Water or Soda to top

Pop some ice cubes into your gin glass with the mint, give it a swirl. Pop in your shots, elderflower and some more ice, another swirl. Top with prosecco until the glass is around ¾ full then top with soda or tonic water depending on your taste. Or if you are like me top with more prosecco haha. Grab a straw and simply enjoy, you wont regret it!

Oh.. and a great substitute if you don’t have vodka is gin!

6. Mai-Tai Add Prosecco?

Well of course you can! (The awful jokes end here)

1 shot of rum

1 shot of Cointreau

3 shots of orange juice

3 tablespoons of lime juice

A squeeze of agave nectar


Prosecco to top

Grab all your ingredients (no secco) and place into a cocktail shaker or jug and shake well. Pour into a small tumbler over ice and top with prosecco. This drink really reminds me having cocktails in the sun, so have a sip and reminisce and bring this recipe out again when we are allowed to play outside again!

7. Cherry Bellini

Another dinner party-esque drink here, and if you happen to have frozen berries that usually go in your morning porridge, they will come in handy here!

For the glass:

Frozen or fresh berries

2 shots of gin

A drop of Chambord or cherry liqueur or anything similar in flavour

2 ½ shots of prosecco

2 ½ shots of lemonade

Place all ingredients into a flute and top with the frozen berries, then go back and grab a few more glasses, you deserved it… oh and its very moreish!

8. Elderflower Bellini

A light and refreshing one to sip. Perfect to have at home during the winter months and amazing for those summer garden parties!

Get flutey with:

1 shot of gin

1 shot of Cointreau

½ a teaspoon of elderflower cordial

A squeeze of lemon (some of the skin for garnishing)


Simply place all ingredients into a flute or saucer glass, give it a good stir then top the glass up with prosecco. Pop the lemon skin on the side of the glass for a garnish with a twist. This is also a perfect dinner party welcome drink!

9. A Passionate Tequila Fizz

It's alcohol galore with this one so sip with caution!

This boozy concoction is perfect if you are looking for something to shot on without taking one alcohol straight!

Get boozy with:

A shot of Tequila

A shot of Passoã

A shot of Cointreau

2 tablespoons of lime juice

A Splash of Tropical Juice

Then top with prosecco (and a shot of it because why not!)

Pop everything into a jar or shaker (except Prosecco) and shake it all up, pour into a saucer glass and top with prosecco and also serve with a shot of prosecco, to get the game started the right way!

If you are using the cocktail as your shots option, pour into a shot glass straight from your jar/shaker. Happy Bodyshottin’!

10. Cucumber Spritz

A drink with a real twist which is light and refreshing

1 shot of tequila

1 shot of Cointreau

A squeeze of agave syrup


A good squeeze of lime


Tonic water


Rosemary (To garnish)

Start with cucumber about 3 slices and infuse in the Tequila and Cointreau for around 1 hour.

Remove the cucumber place into a saucer glass or small tumbler, squeeze in the lime, agave and stir. Top with prosecco and tonic water and finish with the rosemary, some fancy peeled cucumber and a slice of lime as a garnish and enjoy!

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